General Soulscape Sketch Reading for 11-25/10/15

The overall theme of this reading for 11-25/10/15: The longest running game of hide and seek, due to fear and suspicion in both realms, is coming to an end. The physical and elemental realms are due to connect and be aware of each other in a meaningful and long standing way.

For this picture Anise, the spirit who drew it through me (and mostly works with me in the Soulscape Sketches from the spirit side), was quite adamant that some coloured parts were to be less dense and coloured in than others (trying to represent the colours being translucent to physical eyes). The reason for this becomes apparent as the reading is understood. Block
colour: physical realm / lined (translucent) colour: elemental realm.

I did this reading before seeing Tomorrowland and the various other posts saying pretty much the same thing. So it’s nice to see the ideas behind the reading being validated by others.

Present Positive / Seen:

In this image I saw the picture of a fish (water element ), gnome (earth element) and bird (air element). The fish had patches on its body that bleed through to the physical realm and appears to be able to come and go through a golden portal.

The fish is swimming on the shoulder of the gnome figure with blue eyes, who is wearing a green pointy cap and has a fringe of yellow hair. Standing next to these figures is a bird holding onto eggs that appear to be visible in the physical realm.

These figures have noticed the moment when an orange coloured hand has touched an orange patch in the elemental realm (elemental fire egg). While initially shocked by this occurrence, they are not trying to stop it. It’s more a realisation of the beginning of a shift of a connection between the realms.

Present Negative / Unseen:

In this image I saw the picture of a person to the left with orange hair and spirit blue eyes (showing clarity of vision). This person is wearing a purple top, yellow trousers and shoes. This person is focusing on the flowers that are close by and the scenery in
the distance, across the expanse of water, that is part of the physical realm.

However, in the water, watching the figure out of their vision, is an elemental figure that looks like a mermaid with a yellow tongue.

This mermaid figure appears to want to connect to the orange haired person but is prevented by doing so by the yellow and white fish figure holding a purple baton.

The mermaid figure is trying to bring it to the fish’s attention that both its eyes and the person eyes have the same vision and eye colour.

The person figure’s head is not fully attached to its body, so this may show a lack of grounding that may be why the fish figure is hesitant to allow contact.

Past / Lessons Learnt:

In this image I saw the picture of a suspicious and angry looking elf figure from the elemental realm who has green hair curled in a bun, horns and pointy ears.

This figure looks on cautiously at the open portal to the physical realm while holding a baby close and a pet animal (that looks like a cross between a duck and a lizard).

Things from the physical realm have crept into the elemental realm from the space in the doorway that is slightly ajar.

Through fear of what might happen to the child, this elemental figure ensures that objects from the physical realm don’t get too far into the elemental realm. This elf figure would love nothing more than to slam the door shut, however they are aware that it is not their job to do so.

Near Future / Lesson Coming:

In this image I saw the picture of a tall figure, standing with its arms crossed, with a purple tipped wing and purple sword seemingly waiting behind a corner (no doorways anymore between the realms).

Standing next to this figure (almost using it as a protective shield) is a salamander figure in a cloak, a gnome and a fish. The tall figure is allowing an orange hand from the physical realm to touch its head.

This tall figure may be from the spiritual realm to help the transition as the hide and seek game between the physical and elemental realms comes to an end.

The feeling from the tall figure is one of nonchalance upon the physical realm discovering the elemental realm. However, this may be so the fears and worries of the elementals nearby who are present at the discovery are calmed.

The tall figure appears to be wearing an orange armband the same colour and frequency as the investigating hand, so this may have helped the hand to make the discovery of the elemental realm.